Meet some of the Fetch Team

Andrew C.

Current Position: National Sales Executive
Years with Fetch: 7
School Attended: University at Buffalo
Degree: Bachelors in Business – Dual Major – PR / Marketing
Hobbies: Golfing, volleyball, football, and hiking
Favorite thing about working at Fetch: The competitive environment.

About Andrew:

I started working at Fetch in 2013. Understanding that I am a competitive person that does not like to lose, I knew that a sales position was the best fit for me. Here at Fetch I have learned the in’s and out’s of the logistics industry, and have created a career path to be excited about! Fetch has a big company approach with a small company environment, and management supplies you with all the tools necessary to succeed, while allowing you to do things your own way.


Steve H.



Current Position: Senior Business Development Rep
Years with Fetch: 12
School Attended: University at Buffalo
Degree: B.S. Business Administration, Marketing concentration
Hobbies: Playing sports, working out, cars and movies
Favorite thing about working at Fetch: Every day is different and exciting.  That plus the environment of this company makes me enjoy coming to work every morning.

About Steve:

I came to Fetch Logistics right out of college as I wanted to start my career with an established small business that would have room for growth.  I was drawn to the environment, casual dress code, numerous fun work activities, competitive compensation, and knowing they promote from within, providing endless opportunity.  I started out in the training program when I was initially hired, and once I graduated, I was put into a Carrier Manager role.  After one month, I expressed interest in moving into an Account Executive role in which I brought in many accounts.  I was then given the opportunity to move into the Flatbed department to help grow the department and sell to flatbed accounts specifically.  During this time, I learned a great deal about the industry as I sold to both customers and carriers.  I was then promoted to the position of Operations Manager in which I assisted the Flatbed Director.  After about 8 months, I was promoted into the position of Operations Director.  My current role as Regional Leader of Flatbeds includes management of my team and ensuring the continued growth of the Flatbed department.  My future plan is to expand the Flatbed department and continue to progress in my career.  Fetch Logistics has provided me with the career growth I was looking for and I couldn’t ask for anything better.


Steve S.



Current Position: Senior Account Manager
Years with Fetch: 8
School Attended: Genesee Community College
Degree: A.A General Studies
Hobbies: Cooking, volleyball, hiking, and golfing.
Favorite thing about working at Fetch: My co-workers! Everyone here is very friendly; always willing to help you out if you have questions & the competitive atmosphere is the icing on the cake.

About Steve:

I grew up knowing a little bit about logistics – my father was a Global Compliance and Logistics Manager for years, but that was only the surface. If you’re looking for something that’s challenging but rewarding, Fetch is the place to be. Any job is hard work, but with the relationships I’ve been able to build with my customer’s, my fellow employees, as well as management, I’ve been able to grow in a successful direction.  I’ve learned something new every day over the past 4 years and I am looking forward to continuing on this path of growth. In 2016 I was asked to become a Mentor for new AE’s joining the team and I couldn’t say no. I cannot imagine being where I am today without my Mentor from 4 years ago and I can only hope to do the same for all of the new employees. My goal is to become a National Sales Rep and continue to mentor anyone looking to join our team.


Mike P.



Current Position: Senior VP of Operations & Sales
Years with Fetch: 18
School Attended: Buffalo State College
Degree: Economics with a concentration in Finance
Hobbies: Spending time doing activities with my children.
Favorite thing about working at Fetch: No day mirrors the next and being challenged on a daily basis.

About Mike:

I recognized early on that the owners took a hands on approach and were committed to the company succeeding. I knew that if I worked hard and produced that I could be a key part of the company’s growth and progression. It was my thought that as the company grew, I would have an opportunity to grow with it, which I did. 10 years ago, I started as a Carrier Manager where I learned the business and developed the foundation for my career. I then moved into various management roles throughout the company, such as Water Team Leader, Southeast Team Leader, West Director, and Vice-President of the Flatbed Division (start-up division). In 2012 I was named Senior VP of Operations. With each role I have learned and grown as a leader in the organization and as an individual. I truly believe an organization is as good as their people and we have a wonderful staff.


Justin O.



Current Position: Regional Leader – Midwest & West Coast Team
Years with Fetch: 9
School Attended: University at Buffalo
Degree: Supply Chain and Operations Management
Hobbies: Snowboarding and wakeboarding
Favorite thing about working at Fetch: Fast paced work environment.

About Justin:

What first attracted me to this job was the way the pay system worked and the casual work environment. Once I was trained and began managing carriers, I really enjoyed the competitive and fast paced work environment. There is rarely a dull moment and there is always work to be done. I began as a Carrier Manager in the Southeast Division, then moved to the Columbus OH team, and then finally to the Chicago IL team. I spent roughly a year as the team leader of the Midwest where I worked side by side with the Director learning the management side of the business. I then stepped into the role of Director of the Midwest, which entails overseeing the day to day activities for all shipments out of that zone. After a year in that position, I made the switch to the Director of West Coast operations. This was a new region for Fetch and my goal was to expand the area so we can better service our customers. I am now the Regional Leader of the West Coast team.  I have learned so much from my coworkers in the past 3 years and look forward to passing along that knowledge to new hires as we continue to expand. This industry is constantly changing and Fetch has had to adapt to that. The company has grown substantially since it was started and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all. I look forward to seeing what the future brings for not only myself, but the company as a whole.


Christina O.



Current Position: Director of Training
Years with Fetch: 9
School Attended: University at Buffalo
Degree: BS in Business Administration with concentrations in Supply Chain Operations Management and HR
Hobbies: Baseball, football, singing, reading, attending charity events
Favorite thing about working at Fetch: How fast the day goes by, people that work here, and career advancement opportunity.

About Christina:

I attended UB and graduated in 2010 with a degree in Business, concentrating in Human Resources and Supply Chain Management. I was hired that summer as a Carrier Manager in the East division. Since that time I have held almost every position; I have managed customers as an Account Executive, managed the Northeast Division as an Operations Director, and served as the Director of Training. My current position is Director of Sales, in which I manage the Account Executives. It is my job to ensure they are growing their book of business with both current customers and new prospects, and make as much money as they can! I am able to use the management skills I have developed in my career at Fetch, and my experience in the industry and sales to propel each individual in selling and learning more each month. My position is stressful but very rewarding, and no day is alike! Fetch supports me fully in my decision making and give me the tools necessary not only to make money for myself, but to have a large impact on the company through my team.


Mike L.



Current Position: Regional Leader – Buffalo West Division
Years with Fetch: 13
School Attended: Buffalo State College
Degree: Secondary Education
Hobbies: I enjoy spending time with friends and family and supporting the Boston Red Sox and Manchester United Football Club.
Favorite thing about working at Fetch: My favorite thing about working at Fetch is the “open door” relationship each owner and manager shares with the employees. Employee perspectives are welcomed and creative problem solving is encouraged, whether you are    a trainee or a 10 year veteran.

About Mike:

I came to Fetch seeking a career with great earning potential and advancement opportunities. Early on, I realized I found both. The commission structure rewards hard work and the company’s commitment to promoting from within demonstrates their dedication to employees. I began my career at Fetch as a Carrier Manager on the East team. Within one year, I was acting as a Team Leader in my group, heading up projects and assisting the manager in daily activities. After a year as Team Leader, I was promoted to Director of the East division, which I led for 3 years. Most recently, I became the Director of the West division. Throughout my years with the company, I have always enjoyed the fast-paced and ever-changing atmosphere of our day to day work. From negotiating with carriers across the country to finding a truck for a last minute shipment to help a customer, no two days are ever the same. Each day brings new challenges and together, as a team, we work to solve problems to serve our customers’ best interests. Moving forward, I am excited to be a part of the continued growth of this company as we expand into new regions across the country. Three new regions have been opened since I began working at Fetch, offering many opportunities for advancement and financial growth, both for Fetch and the employees.