Ever wonder who sent that truck full of Ramen noodles to the grocery store?

Allow us to introduce you to our Inside Sales positions (you bet they sent that truck!) and what they contribute to the Fetch team:

Account Executives

  • Make outbound prospecting calls to our customers
  • Build your own book of business
  • Introduce and sell Fetch’s service to decision makers
  • Build and schedule shipments for your pals on the carrier side of things to move
  • Negotiate shipping rates
  • Provide effective and proactive communication to your customers
  • Exemplify customer service that your Grandmother would even adore

Carrier Managers

  • Make outbound sales calls from our carrier database to move shipments
  • Build your own book of carriers
  • Introduce and sell Fetch’s service to carriers
  • Track and trace shipments to make sure everything is running smooth
  • Negotiate shipping rates
  • Use those problem solving skills to resolve any issues
  • Provide Carriers with a positive experience – remind them why they chose Fetch!

I can’t wait any longer! Sign. Me. Up.

We can’t either! – but just a few more things, we promise.

You need the following before fetching us your resume:

  • We require an Associate’s degree, but a Bachelor’s is preferred
  • Basic computer skills
  • Readiness to work hard and play hard
  • High desire to have goals to reach – and exceed
  • The drive to succeed to buy that plane ticket for your dream vacation

Did you find yourself nodding yes to all of those?